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Angie was your rock collecting, play in the dirt little girl. A high school & Ohio Glory cheerleader (AKA Glory Girl), and Ohio State grad. She’s always been an independent woman. Stay at home mom turned business owner and entrepreneur. Oh, and CrossFit nut! She is the designer of the family. Websites, logos, landing pages and everything that needs an artistic touch. She still gets her hands dirty in the creatives but now is focusing on leading the creative team into the future. Angie, (Mama Bini), is definitely the Mother Hustler of our team and clients and the glue that holds us all together.

The creative genius behind 100’s of local business’s websites.

Angie Cherubini

Right out of high school, I did the normal thing and went to college. In the 4 years that I went to school, I changed my major 5 times. Yes, you read that right 5 times. Health services admin, nursing, communications, back to nursing, early childhood education, and then back to nursing again. My husband, Angie's son Chase,  had dropped out of college as well and was working for his parents. And in 2018, started taking interest in what they were doing.

Fast forward to now, I’ve worked in website design for them for 4 years under The Cherubini Company and now I'm revamping the company they started when my husband was born 26 years ago, Cherubini Designs. I'm so excited to bring 25 years of website design experience to all of you through myself and Angie. 

Aside from design, here are a few of my favorite things: Watching a sunrise or sunset in the mountains, road trips, iced coffee, the color blue, baking, helping others, reading, a good Bloody Mary, cold plunging. I married my high school sweetheart of 10 years last summer. We both love to travel, camp, hike, and off-road.

College drop-out turned website designer. 

Hannah Cherubini

"I will be recommending them to all my clients for their website needs!"

Amazing people to work with. I had a unique situation with my website needs and Angie was so quick to respond. They all made everything so easy and did an amazing job communicating. I will be recommending them to all my clients for their website needs!

jesscia cable

"Angie and her team where so responsive to our request, and simply incredible to work! 

Angie and her team where so responsive to our request, and simply incredible to work! We got the product we wanted, and the positive feedback for our new website has been incredible!

daniel davis

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